zondag 1 juni 2014

Blog Status

Hello everyone, as you might have noticed this blog has become somewhat dormant over the last year. Reason for this is that I'm thinking about making a personal website. Also running and updating several websites can be quite a task.

I've updated the locations where you can find me and where I am more active. It's located on the right side. I will keep the posts online here since there are things posted here that were exclusively posted to this blog and that I'm still quite proud of.

Thankyou for visiting and maybe see you around!

zaterdag 6 juli 2013

Enter The Void - Animated Storyboard

Posting this here because the computer at Minerva was giving troubles and I haven't posted the final version here. Have fun watching! The rest of the project and the concept art things are under the label 'graduation project'.

White One

Still one of my favourite new speedpaintings. C: Was made with the theme 'White Stag' for a group over at deviantART.

DW - Broken

A Doctor Who painting, been a while since I made one. Still quite happy with it. Reference is here.

Harbringer & Landcape of the Mind

More digital work, having fun with shapes and colours. :)


And here's an update! :) More speedpaints. Top and bottom ones are done with reference, the middle one without. References: snake, frog, landscape, swamp. And I'm trying to work on a banner, the first attempt is up but blogger makes it fuzzy and the colours are off. Going to fiddle with it some more. 

donderdag 30 mei 2013


Blog going under construction! 

Going to restyle this blog and I have some updates coming up too, it's been long since I updated here.