dinsdag 7 februari 2012

Figure Drawing studies from 06/02/2012 , reference used.
Drawn in 5 min or less, drawn with pencil, coloured pencils, inkpen and red ink

2 opmerkingen:

  1. HI Eve - yay you have your own blog!!!
    Your figures look so alive, great job, love the ballerina especially.
    Long time no speak, how r u?
    (btw in case you didn't know, it's me Becky - dragongirl1 from Deviantart) :D

    1. Hey Becky!! :D
      Long time no speak indeed! And thankyou! I'm doing good actually, having fun with learning new things as an intern. C: And how've you been doing? Good too? :D

      And how do you add/watch someone's blog? I really want to follow yours too. C: