dinsdag 10 april 2012

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Given the okay to post this, yay!

For intern I had the assignment to make a book cover, and I was given a short bundle of introduction stories (to the Draykon series), the Leximandra Reports by Charlotte E. English.

This was my first experience at making a book cover and I've learned a lot from it. Deadlines and all. ^^ The piece depicts a scene from one of the stories. *loves drawing glowy hologram things*

And now the really amazing part is that it's the now official cover for Leximandra Reports! Charlotte liked it a lot (thankyou!) and wanted to use it. I feel very honoured that it's being used as the cover. ^^

Charlotte E. English's website

Give the bundle a read, it's free  --> read it here 

Her other works and main series Draykon can be found here

Art is © to me

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  1. awesome, ziet er super uit en leuk dat ie ook echt gebruikt wordt ^^!

    1. Dankje! ^^ Ben zelf er ook blij mee dat hij wordt gebruikt. ^^ Hoe was de rest van je dag nog op de EFF? Ik was nog een rondje lopen toen ik terugkwam en zag dat je al weg was. Als je nog een foto van je stand wil hebben, ik had er eentje gemaakt met jou erachter. :)