dinsdag 27 november 2012

Project Madagascar Process I

Warning, large post ahead!

Posting stuff from old to new.

First up, are the sketches that came from the first alien designs. They were too feral so I was told to make the alien more 'intelligent'. The first one is inked by hand and coloured in PS

Then I tried to make the storyboard with the story I had written alongside designing the alien. But during the making of the storyboard I felt that it wasn't going 'right'. I didn't had a good feel about it so that's why it's not finished. 

Attempt at the alien once more, with gouache. Wasn't too happy about it. 

More new alien sketches, playing around with the design again.

Then decided to leave the alien alone for a while and focused on the surroundings more and made studies with ink. marker and gouache. These I am very happy with.

 After the studies and after some harsh and not so great attempt at support stuff I wanted to make a new alien. One that would fit with the environment. So I went back to square one a bit, back to the ink shapes and started out with the silhouette of the old one, sortof, as a base.

Then took the shape that I liked into Photoshop.

And then a speedpaint concept based on the shape. I am very happy with the speedpaint and I feel that I might be a bit back on track again. We shall see... 

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